Once upon a time…

In a world wildly inspired from the Indian epics, the gods are at war among each other. With the help of Rakshasas, Asuras are facing Devas, threatening the balance of the universe itself.

As Asuras are winning, Devas lose their powers and Rakshasas invade Earth. To take back their divinity and restore balance, the Devas prayed for Lord Brahma, who asked them to conduct a yagya. For this, they need seven key ingredients.

Your role, as Aryaveer, will be to gather these magical ingredients. For these, you will have to explore the world, use the powers of mantras, fight Rakshasas and even Asuras…

…a warrior was on a journey

As many heroes in the Indian epics, your character, Aryaveer, is a bowman. His guru was an important leader in the beginning of the war, but his fate was not to finish it. When he died, his weapon of choice, an enchanted bow, has been passed onto Aryaveer.

With this bow, our young hero always has an arrow to shoot. These arrows can be crafted in many types, and Aryaveer can use them alongside with mantra scrolls to invoke their magic, augmenting exponentially its possibilities.

With this potential, will he be able to gather the seven ingredients and end the war? Only you can tell this story…