Bow’em all

By Alexandre

So, what is Yuganth? I mean, you know the basic storyline, but… concretely, what is this game? Excellent question.

We call it a ‹ bow’em all ›.

What does it mean? Well, at its core, we took a shoot’em all and replaced the gun by some bow and arrow. And since it is central to our game, this changes everything.

To start with, bows and arrows are silent, thus encouraging stealth. So the pace isn’t the same. Don’t expect brute forcing through the level, but rather to use your brain.

And now, I’d like you to consider the ammunition. This is an arrow:

Tip – Shaft – Fletching

Indeed, an arrow is more than just an arrow. It has components, each of them impacting on what you can expect from your projectile. In terms of gameplay, this means Yuganth will be a question of choosing the right arrow for the right target, creating your own tools for victory, having your own particular way through the levels.

Yuganth isn’t about your ability to tap faster on buttons, but your creativity when facing a problem to solve.

So when you succeed at something, you can tell it was your doing. Because it will be.