The Path to Yuganth

By Alexandre

There is a story behind Yuganth, and there is one behind Chaotic Sadhus. When the team was formed, back in September 2015, only one of us had been working on what was going to become Yuganth. We already had a dense universe based on this Indian lore that inspires us, but the rest was a blank page.

Our first task was to set goals for our game. What is our core audience? What will be our core features? And the most important: how do we want the player to feel while playing? Answering these questions may seem simple, but it isn’t, mainly because it is of capital importance for our project.

So we designed. Revised. Redesigned. Refined. Again and again, until we finally were confident enough. It was a long, chaotic, difficult, sometimes painful process that left us exhausted and yet ecstatic, ready to start the development itself.

Doing so forced us to think as a team, to adapt ourselves in order to never compromise our ambitions for Yuganth. From oaks we had to become reeds. Fortunately, we had chosen from the beginning an Agile methodology. Its flexibility helped us to adapt when needed, even to reorganize the team when we had to.

Still, a wise person once said success is nothing but failing enough. There is a long road till Yuganth, but a jolty path is now behind us.