By Alexandre

Here we are: the first post. What a glorious moment, isn’t it? After all this time, having our fingers on the keyboard to write to our beloved audience! Fabulous…

First things first, though. We are Chaotic Sadhus, a team of fifth-year students from a video-game school in Pune (India). For our graduating project, we have to simulate a studio environment and work on a proof of concept for a new game. Of course, we wanted this final project to reflect our spirit, our personality, our ambitions…

So we decided to build a franchise. Based on the Indian lore. We believe the world is not only ready, but eager to discover the Indian culture, and we want to make it possible through our first game, Yuganth.

With this blog, we aim to document this year, to share the backstage: our inspirations, the good moments, the bad ones, some concept arts, some previews, and so on… You will be our privileged guest throughout this journey.

Please, remove that coat, take a seat. In this comfortable armchair, yes. It’s for you. Maybe will you want a drink? In the meantime, make yourself at home. Welcome on our website.