We are Chaotic Sadhus

We are a team of five students from Supinfogame Rubika, Pune (India). For our final year project, we decided to work on something ambitious: a new franchise.

As we believe the world is more than ready to meet the Indian culture, we based our universe on the epics at the heart of its lore. We hope you will love it as much as we do!

please.reply @ chaotic-sadhus.com


Alexandre Ultré

Game Designer & Webmaster

Born in France twenty-six years ago, Alexandre defines himself as naturally curious, bearded, and optimistic. He enjoys many subjects, among them literature, photography, and travels. He has been on three continents, and his ambition is to change people’s lives with games. Nothing less.


Anirudh Shekhawat

Game Artist

Since his childhood, Anirudh found himself immersed in fantasy and sci-fi stories and would spend countless hours drawing characters and building new worlds. His goal as an artist is to create original IPs for India. Anirudh also finds great interest in movies, comic books, mixed martial arts and heavy metal music.


Darpan Sharma

Game Programmer

Our twenty-one-year-old game programmer from India, Darpan, defines himself as an anime freak, an enthusiastic gamer, always eager to learn new tricks and skills. He believes India is the new place to be for game development, and wants to open his own studio in the subcontinent.


Priyank Pratap Singh

Technical Designer & Project Manager

Very few people know Priyank is the source of unlimited power that Saitama-san (One Punch Man) holds. He only concerns himself with matters where other superheroes fail, like writing amazingly long design documents, feeding kittens or laughing at Anirudh’s jokes…


Siddhesh Khatri

Game Designer

Obsessed with brainstorming new ideas and solutions to all life problems, Siddhesh loves to come up with new mechanics. If you don’t find him brainstorming the storm of creative ideas inside his brain, he will most certainly be in a quiet place reading, writing stories, or goofing around with people.